5 helmets for urban cycling 

We all know a good helmet is a necessary addition for your everyday cycling adventures. Here are 5 helmets that we love, that provide you the protection you need and whilst fitting in with your lifestyle. 


The understated classic style of the Dashel is a perfect match for any relaxed cycling look. With two material options an ABS EPS combination or a carbon fibre version, and multiple colour options you are bound to find a helmet that suits your taste and budget. Best of all they offer matching kids helmets too.

Dashel urban cycling helmet
Dashel Carbon Fibre Cycle Helmet - Orange


Winner of the Red Dot design award, the Closca helmet is a helmet with a difference. The sleek lines of the helmet conceal an ingenious folding mechanism allowing the helmet to compress to a compact size. Perfect for slipping into a bag once you’ve arrived at your destination. Even available with a cosy lining.

Closca urban cycling helmet
Closca Folding Helmet

Smith Optics Maze

The Maze is Smith Optics urban helmet offering. With an antibacterial lining and a neat air flow solution to keep you well ventilated along your travels. Available in 2 colours all with a matte finish for a classy looking helmet.

Smith Optics Maze Urban Helmet
Smith Optics Maze Urban Helmet

Overide Plixi Fit Helmet

The Plixi is arguably the smartest folding helmet available, with a simple fold mechanism enabling it to reduce to a ⅓ of its original size. An ideal helmet for a multimodal commute. But there is no compromise with safety, the Plixi complies with US and EU helmet safety standards. 

Overide Plixi Fit urban helmet
Plixi Foldable Helmet


The helmet that isn’t a helmet. The Hovding is worn around the neck like a collar, Should you be in an accident, it reacts in a fraction of a second to inflate a hood to protect your head. Acting much like an airbag in your car. No more helmet hair!

Hovding urban cycling helmet airbag
Hovding Helmet Airbag

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