Cycling for exercise

Cycling for exercise is a great way to get some fresh air, burn some calories & tone up.

Here are somethings not to forget:

Food and Drink

When riding hard, as with any exercise, your body will be consuming calories and it is a good idea to bring some food with you to replenish some of those spent. You may not feel hungry but even after 40 minutes worth of riding, your performance would benefit from a little top up. Likewise for hydration, as always make sure to take regular sips of your drink as you go along. The point here is, even if you're not going for a long ride, it's always a good idea to have some food and drink with you.

Tools and spares

While you should always have some basic tools and spares on your bike when you ride, this is especially important if you decide to ride out away from potential help. The main things you need are a good bicycle multi tool, some tire levers, a spare inner tube and a pump. That way if you find yourself with a puncture or another minor problem, you'll have the kit to get you going again swiftly.

Other gear

Even though you may not think you’ll need it, you should always carry your phone with you. Not only in case you need help, but your phone can help direct you using maps and pay for your mid ride coffee! You can also then make the most of apps like Strava to capture your ride. We also have to mention safety, you should always be riding with your helmet and your lights. Finally before you head out for a ride, check that your bike is working as normal, taking special note of things like the brakes and your tires before starting.

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