We're Jess & David, a brother-sister team on a mission to make cycling the go-to choice for urban life. 

Cycling benefits our mental & physical health, reduces pollution dramatically (it's 10x more important than electric cars for reaching net zero cities), and it's an incredibly cost effective way of getting around. 

As we both started cycling more during the pandemic, we came across a problem. A clothing brand for casual cyclists doesn't exist...

We either have to wear impractical clothes that were never designed for cycling, or choose skin-tight Lycra, where unless you carry a spare change, you risk looking like you've arrived at your morning meeting straight from the Tour de France.

This is where Fermain comes in. We want to create the cycle clothing brand of the future, where the worlds of fashion and cycling collide. 

Thanks for joining us on the ride :) 


David and Jess cycling as children

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